MDEM Launch Collections Basics Films

Museum Development East Midlands (MDEM) is pleased to publish three Collections Basics Films, for museum staff and volunteers both in the East Midlands and across the UK. Written and presented by MDEM Regional Collections Advisor Anita Hollinshead, MDEM commissioned a professional production company based in Leicester to support the production of the films and recorded them at Melton Museum in partnership with the museum team and Leicestershire County Council.

They are:

The idea for the films arose from an assessment of our regularly requested collections focused training over the last few years, both in person and more recently online. Partnered by the needs of a changing workforce and evolution of working practices over the last 18 months.

Annually, needs for various elements of our collections training evolve over a funded programme, whether that be for material specific training, or specific issues such as decolonisation or more sustainable practices. However, collections basics are regularly requested and are ideal for a filmed format as the content is largely stable and applicable to a range of heritage organisations with varied teams, collections and resources.

The process of creating and producing the films has been very rewarding for the team and developed skills in digital practices. We will continue to evaluate the use of the films with an ambition to build on their success over the next 12 months.

The films are freely accessible on the MDEM YouTube channel and MDEM website and we welcome them to be shared with organisations and sign posted too when helpful.