Museum Development UK (MDUK) recognise our role, alongside that of museums, to develop an inclusive sector that challenges and opposes racism and inequality and we are working together to develop a shared approach to support museums to address institutional, sectoral and societal inequalities.

MDUK, in partnership with the Association of Independent Museums (AIM), is seeking a consultant/s to develop a programme to support museums in England and Wales to improve their understanding of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). The programme will also increase participants’ knowledge and skills around the EDI-related issues being faced people working and volunteering in museums, their communities and audiences.

Key aims of the project;

  • Support museums, staff and volunteers to develop a consistent level of understanding of EDI and what it means for them as organisations and for their visitors
  • Raise awareness of the museum specific challenges and opportunities relating to EDI and support the development of workable solutions to take action
  • Support museums to develop a better understanding of the challenges being faced by their local communities
  • Highlight and enable inclusive museum best practice and empower museums to tackle systematic issues
  • Explore a new model of working for MDUK

The full programme is intended to run over 18 months, across 3 levels of intervention. Consultants are invited to quote for activity planned for 2021-2022.  The full brief is available here.