Equity & Inclusion

Equity & Inclusion Programme 2021-22

Opening conversations and laying the foundations for equity and inclusion at your museum

Across 2021-22 MDUK, in partnership with AIM, contracted NoBarriers to deliver a programme to support museums in England and Wales to improve their understanding of Equity and Inclusion. The programme increased participants’ knowledge and skills around the Equity and Inclusion-related issues being faced by people working and volunteering in museums, their communities and audiences. It was designed to support participants to  have conversations at their museum and in laying strong foundations for taking action. In August 2022, MDUK delivered an evalaution report on the programme. You can read the English version of the report here and the Welsh translation here.

To view the programme overview in Welsh click here.

The programme will have the following outcomes:

  • Participating organisations demonstrate a consistent understanding of Equity and Inclusion and how it relates to their audiences, workforce (paid and voluntary), governance and programmes.
  • Participants feel confident about current language to use when discussing Equity and Inclusion.
  • Participants identify internal issues and external opportunities and barriers related to Equity and Inclusion and develop the skills to address them.
  • Participants demonstrate improved confidence in talking about difficult issues/ topics.
  • Participants understand ways to improve recruitment, access and participation at their museums and develop plans to address these.
  • Participants identify the challenges and/ or barriers within their organisation relating to Equity and Inclusion and develop plans to address these.
  • Participants involve the wider workforce in developing these Equity and Inclusion plans.

The programme was comprised of a number of sessions and ran from November 2021 to March 2022. 20 organisations participated from across seven participating areas in East of England, East Midlands, North East, North West, West Midlands, South West and Wales.


A number of resources have been developed by No Barriers. These are available in English and Welsh:

Equity and Inclusion Resources

Equity and Inclusion resources (Welsh translation)

Reflections framework

Reflections framework (Welsh translation)