MD England Annual Museum Survey 2022

Each year we launch a survey, asking museums within the Accreditation scheme to provide data on their workforce, finance, audiences and insights. This year’s Annual Museums Survey was the first opportunity to measure the difference between the pandemic-effected years and the first post-lockdown year, revealing the far-reaching impact of the pandemic on 765 museums across England.  

The survey helped us understand the impact of the pandemic on opening hours and visitor numbers, museums finances, growth of digital, as well as workforce wellbeing and volunteer engagement. It highlighted the significant differences in how this impact has been felt across the sector, depending on key factors such as a museum’s region, or whether it is based in an urban or rural setting.  

The data we collect is usually used to demonstrate the social and economic value of museums, both locally and nationally. It also helps museums to benchmark their work. However, for this particular year, this information was also critical in advocating for museum recovery support from national cultural bodies and decision makers. 

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